Sunday, September 30, 2012


Closure (psychology)
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Closure or need for closure are psychological terms that describe the desire or "need" some individuals have for information that will allow them to conclude an issue that had previously (for them at least) been clouded in ambiguity and uncertainty. Upon reaching this conclusion, they are now able to attain a state of epistemic "closure".

Do an ended relationship requires closure even if it was ended long time back?
Do we really need to do it?

A friend told me that it is better to have it, and the other says, if you have an ended the relationship then there is no need for the "closure".

I read an article about this ( and it says at the bottom of this article is,,, "Closure doesnt really works. It only gives you two things.. 1- bring your ex back in your life furthering the moving on process… and 2- make you look like a moron...)

Since I follow my first friend's advise, and it was too late to read the said article, sending a closure note to one of my ex'es really made me look like a moron or id rather it to be called "stupid".

So to all the girls out there and looking for a "CLOSURE" thing with your ex'es... better NOT to have them..

Read the article and you will understand why...

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