Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flash Back

What would you feel if someone tells you this... “You know that I love you but I love someone else already... someone who replaced you in my heart... someone who came along on the time you weren’t here when I needed you, on the time you didn’t mean everything between us and on the time that you keep hurting me...

I really can’t imagine myself saying that to someone who became so special in my life. To someone I used to love for almost a year and half... To someone I’ve become so stupid because of the idea of falling in love.

Now, he finally realize that I am important to him, that he really cares for me, that he is ready to settled with me. I am pleased, I am happy and no one can ever explain what I’m feeling right now, but it’s all too late... I am not the old me who deeply in loved with him, who always there besides him, an idiot who keeps on waiting for the time that he will come and realize what’s my importance.

Yes, I feel sorry for everything, for me, as I cannot love the person that I have been in love with from my past and especially for him, that it’s too late for him to realize my existence.

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