Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fallen Apart

Fallen Apart

I wake in the morning with the smile on my face
Knowing in few months time, I will be in his care
Naïve on the day that’s coming
And no idea that things will be flouting

Normal day, normal life
Used to get along with the people from day to night
Believing things will be alright
And concluding the day ends right

Looking things in an optimistic way
Assuming things will fall according to its place
Made me certain, made me blind
Never see the things slowly turning to gray

I feel stunned, shattered and disappointed
Seeing our dreams fallen into pieces
Never thought that this will be happen
Giving up on the dreams we’ve shared

*** sabi nila bitin daw... siguro nga bitin kasi di ko alam kung paano tatapusin...

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